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“Web/Online Mapping Integrations: The torchbearers of excellence”

Isn't it a satisfying experience to help someone search an address? Well, now even your website can offer precise directions with the help of GIS (Geographical Information Systems) and also achieve cutting edge capabilities. GIS will bring out the best out of your website and make it multifaceted. It will bring people to your website and enable them to explore the wonderful geography of our earth in a truly innovative manner. With the help of GIS services you can lend tremendous mapping capabilities to your website and take it to a higher level. Exploring the exciting world of GIS will surely throw open endless possibilities.

Simply put, GIS is an advanced tool which helps to view and understand data in many ways which helps to reveal relationship, patterns and trends in the form of maps and charts. However, GIS is broad functional area and incorporates various technical ideas which makes it a vastly research filed. It is fast knowledge highway where thought flows at the speed of light. In order to grasp the basic concept of GIS it is helpful to study it at three different levels. The first level at which a GIS is defined is known as a database view wherein GIS is considered as a unique database of the world known as Geo database. Fundamentally it is based on databases which describes the world in geographical terms. This view enables the data to be stored at one central database and analyzed in mobile and server environments hence providing easy accessibility.

The second viewpoint is known as the Map view which postulates that a GIS is a set of intelligent maps which depict the features and various relationships existing on the earth's surface. The view further states that these maps are nothing but a “window into the databases” as they provide an opportunity to delve into the vast ocean of geographical data and represent it pictorially in the form of maps. The entire view rotates around the concept of developing great maps which communicate everything important in a single view. An effective way of achieving this is by using the same techniques used by professional cartographers.

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Last, but not the least is one of the most comprehensive view of GIS systems known as the model view. At the core of the model view is the concept that GIS is a set of information transformation tools which derive new geographic datasets from existing datasets. In simple English the model view ams at providing the users with a higher degree of flexibility. The users can set the parameters as per their specifications and customize the reports to derive all the information they seek.

The different viewpoints towards understanding GIS point towards one common feature and that is the endless possibilities offered by it. GIS finds use across different functional areas owing to the simple reason that Geography matters! It is a very innovative attempt at understanding geography and expanding these concepts into various spheres of our life. GIS find a lot of use in all the data mining activities and is a very powerful enabler which can help you to read between the lines and derive useful information from a given set of data. It can also offer unprecedented capabilities in the field of Customer relationship management (CRM). To elaborate this point, GIS can provide the companies a visual tool to locate their customer and send the closest worker to a customer. This will enable;e the companies to generate highly efficient mobile touch points, save a lot of time and money and also elicit customer's delight! The biggest and most successful organizations of the world have already embraced this technology and a few illustrations will illuminate the power of GIS tools.

Sears, one of the biggest mega stores of America has a huge network of 900 stores and also manages one of the largest home appliance repair business in the world. With a strong fleet of more that 10,000 technicians the company's scale of operation is really huge. Such a humongous size of operation brings its own challenges and the problem facing Sears was to develop a routing solution which would ensure smooth customer service. This is where Sears explore the possibilities offered by GIS system and found a unique solution. The system provided routing information for more than 10000 technicians daily and also with repair information with schematic diagrams for products. The system also provided vehicle navigation capabilities to help finding service locations and minimize travel time. The system proved to be the perfect for all the challenges faced by the company.

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GIS can also prove to be one of the most effective business intelligence tool. It enables companies to input the various factors that they deem to be important for their business and generate report which forecasts the future growth prospects. This application has been employed for something as diverse as determining where self servicing coin counting machines should be placed for maximum penetration. The self servicing coin idea is a path breaking business idea which enabled customers to exchange coins for cash in mega stores. GIS provided the company with real data integration, visualization and analysis to decide the best store locations and also a suitable technology launchpad for future growth. With GIS you will surely emerge as a winner!

The scope of GIS systems is endless and can help you to re engineer your business. At Maybray Digital we provide you with innovative and affordable online mapping solutions for your Internet and mobile applications. We provide you the latest softwares like PHP and J2ME to help you integrate mapping with your systems. With our experienced and highly motivated team your online maps will guide you to only one place and that is success!

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