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Effective Website Development: A Doorway to Internet Marketing Success

In this dog-eat-dog world where companies are constantly striving hard to market themselves in the best possible way, website designing is indispensable to meet the purpose. Right from the layout designing to the content development, everything has to be thoroughly researched keeping in mind the target audience/website visitors and the search engine network operating globally.

You need to make sure your website looks not only aesthetic but also works well as a knowledge reservoir about your company. Following points should be kept in mind to design a user- and SEO-friendly website:

  • Informative Content: Always make sure the content that is being displayed on your website is informatory and relevant both to the users and the search engines. Irrelevant content is least entertained by anyone. The content has to be catchy, precise and loaded with accurate facts.

  • Avoid Clocking: Avoid using different content for search engine spiders and users. Many unethical companies use this strategy to market themselves; they use same content in different forms to mislead the search engines. This, when caught, has severe repercussions. Therefore, always use the same content for the search engines and the users.

  • Use Relevant and Well-Researched Keywords and Meta Tags: Keywords and meta tags are two crucial components to support the marketing of your company on the search engine network; they together work as the key to the online marketing success. The keywords used for the users should be different and relevant, and the meta tags used for the search engines should be unique. Although different, they both should be relevant to the information provided and optimized for the SEO. Therefore, they have to be not only well researched but also different.

  • Avoid using hidden links: Using excessive links or hidden links is a big turnoff to Google. These links are not targeted to users but are especially targeted to Google for good rankings, but they often work against the company itself. When detected, Google has the right to spam your website and never index it. This may adversely affect the company’s reputation in the market.

  • Ensure Good Website Navigation System: Always make sure your website pages can be easily found and indexed by search engines. An effective navigation system of the website can guarantee more website traffic. Problems in the internal links may reduce traffic on the website and may also affect the search engine optimisation.

Website development is not a child’s play. A well-developed website attracts and engages both the visitors and the search engines that index them. We, at Maybray, offer web design services. We not only create a website that is good to look at but also develop content keeping in mind the best Google SEO strategies to ensure maximum traffic and higher ranking on the cyberspace.  We use best SEO techniques and strategies to make your online presence felt on the search engines. We carry out web development following the web design guidelines issued by Google to ensure higher ranking on it. We leave no stone unturned to leave your company’s ever-lasting impression on its audience.

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