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Solve All Your eCommerce Security Issues

Have an online store? When we talk about number of online stores increasing gradually with each passing day, there are lot of issues that needs to pay heed to for ensuring safe and secure website functioning.

For every ecommerce web design, online security is of paramount importance to make a website function efficiently.  If you are planning for developing an eCommerce website or running an online business, then it becomes imperative to have a completely secured one.

Here at maybray we offer complete safe and secure solutions for every transaction. We make sure we deliver complete internet security and virus protection for your ecommerce solution. We have designed our strategies and system in a way to keep the security of your online store at first place.

Going further you will find how important an eCommerce web development security is and highlights about how to secure an eCommerce website.

An eCommerce/online store needs a good volume of visitor traffic to gain potential consumers and improve its overall conversion rates. And in order to lure more and more visitors, an eCommerce site is supposed to offer best services which not only includes good features, quality products or services but good security too at first place.

As we all know during any online transaction there is some kind of hesitation or fright on the visitor’s part. As they are asked to provide some sensitive information including credit card details, etc. to make any online transaction.

Therefore, customers think twice before believing any website. Now this think “before you shop” makes the task pretty difficult for websites. A website is supposed to have a strong, safe and secured structure to guarantee all his visitors about their security. A website should be capable enough to convince the visitors that all their confidential information will be kept in safe hands and they shop minus any worries.

We understand that it is of paramount importance to keep the security standards high or else a website may lose a potential customer. And without a potential customer any business can never flourish. That is why we have strategized everything accordingly. We provide safe and secure transaction services and are associated with repurated, trustworthy financial institutions, including, ANZ, Westpac, Bankwest, American Express, Master card, Visa, Commonwealth Bank and many more.

There are many ways through which an eCommerce site can be safeguarded against security threats which are discussed below-

Secured socket layer (SSL)

There is an open or a closed lock on most of the web pages. As you click the lock, it displays several certificates that inform you if the site encrypted. However, most of us are unaware of this fact that all the data that is received or sent through Internet is encrypted using a private or a public key. The public key is for encryption and the private key is for decryption. It assures that different security layers were measured during the transaction process.


The sole purpose of firewall is to block all the unwanted intrusion. And today, most of the public or private computers have a firewall. With a firewall on your website (eCommerce), you can confirm that manipulators are blocked from altering or accessing your consumers' information saved in your server.

Digital signatures

Authenticate your information! You should always ask for passwords while transactions as they can serve as a digital signature. Generally every eCommerce sites comes integrated with this feature which has numbers or letter boxes in disarray and consumers are asked to duplicate them correctly. This process helps in verifying a shopper's identity.

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