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Web 2.0: Make Your Website Dynamic and More Appealing to the Audience by Adding Interactive Features

Web 2.0 technology can best be described as “the advancement made after the era of static websites”. The technology mainly focuses on users’ virtual interaction with websites on social platforms across the widely distributed Internet. The technology allows the users to interact with the each other and collaborate online. Web 2.0 includes features like social networking, blogs, RSS feeds, etc.

We, at Maybray, have absolute domain knowledge in Web 2.0 technology and its uses. We have a well-developed network of experienced teams having expertise in the domain. The technology is used in the creation of dynamic websites. These dynamic websites laid the foundation of Web 2.0. Our teams are experienced in dynamic web designing and development. We are not a mere provider of these services; we instil trust in our clients with our high-standard and quality results. With some of the best people in our development teams, we are determined to provide you with best results within the specified time.

Web 2.0 applications include social network websites, wikis, blogs, video-sharing sites, RSS and web applications. You can interact with other users around the world, irrespective of their location. The technology allows you to get socially active in the virtual world. You can post your thoughts, collaborate with other users, write blogs and do much more. It is also beneficial to websites that want to get news and updates from other websites.

Web 2.0 technology is an advanced version of the Web 1.0 technology. Web 1.0 was the starting phase of Internet technologies, and it featured static web pages. Although static web pages allowed you to view and retrieve information provided on the websites, you could not interact with people. You were just spoon-fed with the information, and you could not post your views and opinions. Since it was just the beginning of Internet technologies, people found it quite useful for business and daily uses. Later on, with the research work and advancement in technology, Web 2.0 came into existence. Our teams at Maybray Digital have a complete understanding in both the technologies; hence, we don’t have any problem in switching technologies whatsoever.

The client-side technologies used in Web 2.0 include Ajax and Java Script. Ajax uses Java Script to update a portion of webpages, hence making users’ social interaction fast and easy. Our development teams are highly experienced in these technologies. They have used these technologies to a great extent in the past, be it wiki, social network, RSS, web syndication and blogs.

Maybray is dedicated to offer complete satisfaction to its clientele. We work hard to meet the requirements and demands of our customers. We deliver best services in the competitive market to meet the business objectives of our clients.