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Multiple websites and stores is one of Magento’s advanced features allow you to manage multiple websites and stores within one installation, and we have an amazing system to support this: GWS - aka “Global, Website, Store.”

Magento Multi Site Stores: Stores are ‘children’ of websites. Products and Categories are managed on the store level. A root category is configured for each store view group, allowing multiple stores under the same website to have totally different catalog structures.

Magento Multisite Store View: A store needs one or more store views to be browse-able in the front-end. The catalog structure per store view will always be the same, it simply allows for multiple presentations of the data in the front. 90% of implementations will likely use store views to allow customers to switch between 2 or more languages.

Maybray in Brisbane will take care of your total Magento multi site developer requirements with end-to-end project management.


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