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Attract Customers through Search Engine Marketing (Adwords)

How will your any potential customer find your website? The fact that the word “Google” has emerged as a verb in modern lexicon should help you realize that most people find products and services on search engines.

Search engine is the magical world where you can type the most enigmatic phrase and get a response. The Internet appears to shrink to a manageable size. With a handy list of search results, users can easily browse and research content. Customers search by brand, by product name and by location and opt for any qualifier that meets their fancies.

You run business in the world where search engines ease up your work. Survey reports reflect the market scenario that says that 88 percent of online shoppers researched before they made a purchase and more than 65 percent of them used search engines to do so. Rightly or wrongly, users view search rankings as a validation of a company’s popularity and importance. Therefore, it won’t be wrong to say that search engines do contribute in building any company’s image among its audience.

Maybray helps your business to grow and attract the targeted customers through Search Engine Marketing (SEM) process. SEM can help your company establish strong Internet presence and credibility with both current and potential customers. Using social media tools, such as content writing, book marking, forum design and promotion, blogs and social media profiles, we can generate traffic and links for your website.

In its true sense, SEO combined with Pay Per Click (PPC) marketing forms the backbone of a successful SEM campaign. An SEM campaign consists of purchasing ad space on a specific search engine or family of search engines. A great advantage of SEM over traditional website banner ads is ads are targeted to a specific key word or phrase that is entered into the search engine.

Another benefit of this campaign is it operates on a “pay for performance basis”. You have to pay only when a user actually clicks on your ads. This is called the Pay Per Click (PPC) model. The combination of targeting your ads and only paying for successful ad placement ensures the highest possible Return on Investment (ROI), which Maybray helps you to achieve.

There are three most popular SEM programs we provide: Google’s Adwords, Yahoo and MSN adCenter. All operate in a similar fashion, allowing you to create an ad, define the terms you want to target and place a maximum amount you are willing to pay per click. You can then sit back and monitor the success of your campaign and make changes to improve your click through rate (the number of clicks you get per display of the ad).

We believe that Google’s Adwords come up with best results. Adwords generally cost less than Yahoo and appear to a greater number of people than MSN and Yahoo. Over the time, businesses have realized the importance of PPC/Adwords as an excellent marketing tool to reach the target audience quickly. With the ever-increasing number of web pages, depending on SEO alone is becoming a complex and time-consuming activity, thus Adwords becomes the obvious choice.