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Magento Back-office Integration (with MYOB, QuickBooks, and SugarCRM)

Streamline Your Business Process with Magento Back-Office Integration

For any e-commerce website, transferring online data of every transaction from the site’s e-commerce application to the office accounts software and vice versa is a big challenge indeed. The entire process of re-keying and getting information feeds into accounting software from the website is very tedious and time consuming. Same is the issue while making changes to the products or inventory from the company’s accounting software to the online shopping cart.

The good news for all online stores out there is we at Maybray offers best web Magento Back-Office Integration services to efficiently deal with such issues. We offer best e-commerce solutions to our clientele.

Magento offers these services using MYOB, QuickBooks and SugarCRM.


If we talk about MYOB, it is not just a software package used to meet government requirements like producing statements of business activity, but the reports and information produced within the package helps the business to analyse its overall performance and plan accordingly. Bookkeeping and accounting manually can be tiring and time consuming for many businesses. With MYOB, it is easy to accumulate holiday pay, shift allowances, superannuation deductions, taxation and special duty allowances, etc. Installing MYOB is a smart step towards success; it gathers all the information one needs and produces reports for taxation purposes as well.


QuickBooks is one of the leading accounting applications. With QuickBooks, you can manage your website’s shopping cart. The application can easily be installed and customized to sync with any e-commerce platform. You can automatically upload and download all the data of products and transactions. By integrating your merchant account or shopping cart with QuickBooks, you can easily monitor your stock inventories. It also saves your time and manpower cost, which would otherwise be high if you hire a person for re-keying the data from your accounting software to e-commerce platform or vice versa.


With SugarCRM, it is easy for business owners to streamline their workflow. It provides a plethora of opportunities; you can customize, deploy, extend and integrate the workflow. You can create a customized process for the workflow by applying standard business rules. The software automatically acknowledges the procurement and sends an email to the consumer as and when he/she places a new order. The software not only saves time and money but also improves customer relations.

Magento is a big player in the e-commerce software industry. It facilitates merchants to not only keep a backup of live data but also make an efficient backup of the entire system. It is used to test all new features and developments, without posing any danger to the live operations. Developers can test customizations and new modules on their websites without affecting their live services.

The Magento Back-Office Integration services are must for any online store. All you need to do is join hands with us and we will make your back-office tasks manageable, thereby saving your time, money and efforts.