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Workflow Automation

Maybray delivers diversified automated solutions in the field of Telecommunications, Information Technology and Media, making business process optimization as easy as a touch of a button or a mouse click.

  1. Media
  2. Healthcare
  3. Finance Services, Banking and Insurance
  4. Government Agencies and Counties
  5. Distribution and Supply Chain Networks
  6. Real Estate
  7. Technology
  8. Law

Web Automation

  1. Excel, Databases, Text, CSV could be used for Data Sourcing.
  2. Output could be fed back into the same spreadsheet (update the Database) or into another website simultaneously.
  3. Applications that understand all web controls (Checkbox, Textbox, Listbox, Radiobutton, Texbox etc.) and HTML tags.
  4. Easy access through authentication mode (Login Controls).
  5. Data extraction from multiple result pages at single click.
  6. Data, embedded links and image extraction.
  7. Automated file downloading.
  8. Conditional checks for web testing.

Business Process Automation

At Maybray, we proudly bring to your business, a team of senior Automation Experts who have seamlessly automated hundreds of business processes across diversified industry verticals!

  1. Data Extraction from PDF or XML Files
  2. End to End Solutions for Excel Automation
  3. Automation of ERP Legacy Systems, CRM Applications.
  4. Network Automation (DOS, Telnet)
  5. Email Automation.
  6. Database Maintenance/Automation.

Get In Touch With Us

Our partnership with clients and resultant improvements have enabled us develop sector specific case studies. We would be glad to share the case study pertaining to your industry & discuss how we can help you achieve excellence by implementing the best of automation tools suited to your business requirements.

Our philosophy goes much beyond customer satisfaction and we believe in not only satisfying our clients but delighting with our unique result oriented consulting methodology that brings in sustainable competitive advantage.