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Magento Customer Segmentation

Get a detailed introduction to your customers.

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Get a detailed introduction to customer segmentation, and learn how to increase profits and overall satisfaction with your Magento store. Successful customer segmentation starts with collecting and analyzing customer data. But there’s more to customer segmentation than grouping customers demographically.

  1. Understand your customer-related business costs.
  2. Identify your best (and worst) customers.
  3. Collect data from external sources.
  4. Create effective customer profiles.
  5. Choose the right segmentation strategies for your business.

The more you know about your customers, the more you can give them what they want—and the more likely they are to keep coming back.

The Market Segmentation Suite for Magento extension allows you to group customers in segments according to their interests, buying behavior, location, etc., as well as target orders and save them to reuse later. With the help of the module, you can identify whom you offer your products to and focus your marketing efforts on specific groups.

Choose the criteria for segmentation rules to target customers or orders in the backend. You can create segmentation groups based on order/shopping cart details, product and customer personal information. The rules are applied to separate customers and orders grids added by the module in the admin panel.

To give some simple examples of the possibilities, you can segment:

  1. customers from Australia who have spent more than $300 and viewed a product more than 2 times; or
  2. customers from a specific Postcode with a shopping cart value less than $100 who have viewed a product X; or
  3. customers within a certain group from a certain country with certain item(s) in the shopping cart.

The list of customers/orders obtained after segmentation can be saved and used later to develop customized marketing programs and allocate marketing resources to best effect.

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